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Funding Platform was established by Keith Grinsted MBA FRSA to help the many business owners he speaks with, and is connected with on LinkedIn, to gain investment for their businesses, grow their businesses, and create success for their businesses.


Many business owners find it difficult to locate funding for their business. Where to find the connections that will link them with future investors and funding organisations.


Funding Platform aims to ease that burden and provide links to help business owners build a successful future for their business.


The same applies to new businesses and especially software start-ups who don't necessarily have the market knowledge to find out where to seek funding.


We are here to help!


Acting purely as an introducer (we provide no advice whatsoever) we aim to connect businesses worldwide with potential investors and funders. We now have a panel of well over 100 funders and investors to draw upon.


We connect with businesses seeking funding and funders seeking businesses to invest in.

A Range of Funding Needs


  • Software start-up - SAAS, games, apps, etc
  • New product design, development, launch
  • Business cash advance
  • Secured / Unsecured commercial loans
  • Invoice discounting
  • Bridging loans
  • Property purchase
  • Lease

W have connections throughout the world to help you with funding no matter where you are or what you need funding for. We are here to connect and to help business owners achieve their business vision.


To get started please complete our information form on our Contact Us page.

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