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Investors and Funders

We will be connecting with investors and funders throughout the world to help our entrepreneurs and business owners build their vision.



How does it work for Investors and Funders?


Step 1

Talk to us - you tell us what sectors you are interested in funding and to what sort of value. Also, tell us if you are interested in equity deals.


Step 2

We talk to our network - speaking with our entrepreneurs and business owners, but only telling them as much about your offering as you want us to. We find who may be interested in having you fund or invest in their business.


Step 3

We introduce you to any prospective entrepreneurs and business owners for you to discuss their needs in detail.


On this page, we will also list details of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other businesses seeking funding.


Keep a look out for potential partnerships.


We are Currently working with:


  1. Games developers
  2. App developers
  3. Car seat manufacturer
  4. Software developers
  5. Recruitment business
  6. Sports club development


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